Bakemonogatari, Part 1 has ratings and 47 reviews. As someone who can't read Japanese already, (By the way, this light novels are classified as hard to. Monogatari Series. Home >: Monogatari Series. Advertisement. Type. Light Novel The Monogatari series centers on Koyomi Araragi, a third year high school. NOVEL: Monogatari Series. 3 Monogatari Series - Volume 03 - Kizumonogatari 12 Monogatari Series - Volume 14 - Koyomimonogatari.


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Monogatari Series

Surprise of the surprises, she's also devoid of character but who would bakemonogatari light novel guessed that a female protagonist labeled by her breasts size and the pattern on her undies is actually nothing more than misogynistic pandering.

Although, I have to admit at a certain point the author tried to give her some depth by bakemonogatari light novel the character herself remarks how she's not that good of a person and has a hidden side which is, in fact, pretty awful.

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And do we ever get to see why she affirms this or witness some events which prove such statements? Yet again, no, we don't.

Monogatari Series - Baka-Tsuki

I guess this would be an excellent timing for the old Linkin Park's Crawling joke. Bakemonogatari light novel you get to know her better in another installment bakemonogatari light novel the Monogatari series and if so why are you bothering telling us now, wasting precious time, instead of waiting the right moment and book to introduce new conflicts?

And then there's every other character, which compose such a superficial and poorly explored cast I don't even have anything to say about them.

Mostly their purpose is to fit into the story so that the main characters have something to bakemonogatari light novel, but they are not interesting characters. With little to none explanations about the villains how are we supposed to care about the fights or feel any tension?


Some insight is given once the battle is over, but by then there are not much moral issues to debate since we are already left only with the winner. He's right by default. Bakemonogatari light novel important feature of bakemonogatari light novel novel is its humour, heavily relying on hyperboles and breaking the fourth wall, which works in theory for a story that wants to make fun of standard tropes such vampires, fan service, selfless heroes and of light novels in general.

: BAKEMONOGATARI, Part 1: Monster Tale : NISIOISIN: Books

Unfortunately, as previously stated, the understanding of what the story is supposed to mock is remarkably lacking of an eye intelligent enough to separate the deliberate from the flawed, at worst recycling its own jokes far too much: Bakemonogatari light novel is not an easy way out to enthrall your readers into the action for cheap laughs when everything else failed; Arthur Dent never once stopped to ponder how it would be difficult to make a tv series or a movie about a two-headed character, the author always had better jokes to serve.

There are also several instances of attempted sex comedy, such as a breasts massage to boost the fighter concentration before the last battle, which again might even be a funny idea to some for how it is introduced, if it wasn't dragged for so long. And that's it I guess, five years after having discussed the concept of genius and the idiosyncrasies of humans' purposes, the same author relies bakemonogatari light novel cheap vulgar gags a middle school boy would find funny to entertain its readers.

Which brings us to the next point, the writing itself.

Bakemonogatari | readfag

Bakemonogatari light novel the prose is just painful. Whatever was of the author of The Kubishime Romanticist, which showed cleverness, irony, gruesome and managed to follow the stream of consciousness of a completely deranged and unreliable narrator, is sadly forgotten in this book.

Instead, we get a four pages long description of a high school girl's underwear flashing thanks to a lucky gust of wind, with a rebuke on the fifth page about how four pages where wasted. Granted that breaking the fourth wall is the main source of humour in the book, how should the audience react to this?

It serves for parody, maybe, but one can't help but notice that four pages were wasted on a single joke, while giving nothing more bakemonogatari light novel the plot or the characterization. It's fast paced, sure, but how much does that mean when the writing is redundant, unnecessarily lengthy and falls into the same problems it tries to mock?

It loses itself in descriptions we couldn't possibly care about, bakemonogatari light novel meticulous details while forgetting to even give character to its own protagonists and worst of all an unforgivable amount of pandering to the base.

Where the seasoned author should write 'development' Nisio only manages to answer with conveniences. After all, why bother giving a character any kind of hardship he or bakemonogatari light novel is required to overcome with its wit and abilities when the magic of being oneself is plenty enough to solve any problem?

The act of self-inserting would fail if the audience wasn't able to think of the protagonist as a blank canvas on which depicts themselves. Then, since your average reader still has dreams of grandeur and escapism, let's throw some magic jargon in it.

February 29, - Bakemonogatari Volume 1 Mayoi Snail bakemonogatari light novel. November 14, - Nekomonogatari Black completed. July 12, - Bakemonogatari Anime Guidebook completed.

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