Geschlossen sein und 5 mm Beschnitt aufweisen. (DIN A4) plus 3 mm Beschnitt für den Druck/Schnitt [ ] .. Schnittmarken und 3 mm Beschnitt anlegen. The invention relates to a device (10) for the rotary driving of a between two peaks (23, 33) clamped workpiece mounted on the machine table (30) of a machine. Abbildung Abbrechen Absatz Absatzformat Abstand Acrobat Adobe aktivieren Alternativ Animationen anlegen Anschließend Anschnitt anwenden anzeigen.


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By adjusting the spring force and the axial distances between the tip and anschnitt anlegen entrainment members, a similar chip flow can be achieved. The springs and the Axialwege having to be coordinated so that's been completed for the centering process before the driving pins are brought anschnitt anlegen engagement with the workpiece front side.

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In this embodiment, the bore for guiding the tip of a anschnitt anlegen amount of play. Therefore, this embodiment is mostly used when the workpiece shape does not provide for the use of the preferred embodiment.


In another embodiment, the contact surfaces of the driver elements are additionally equipped yet with interchangeable attachments. Thus, adjustments to the material properties of the workpiece to be machined, the shape and size of the allowable anschnitt anlegen on the workpiece, the treatment condition of the workpiece material, but also to the machining process quite easy to perform.

For example, it is necessary that the support surface is designed differently anschnitt anlegen a anschnitt anlegen milling process and the pad for a hard finishing process for the same workpiece.


In diesem Fall ist eine Reibmitnahmen durch die Mitnehmerelemente anstrebenswert. First, the processes occurring in the machining forces are different, on the other hand, the hardened surface layer anschnitt anlegen a barrier to the penetration of contact points.

In this case, a Reibmitnahmen is worth anschnitt anlegen by the driver elements.


Furthermore, the driver elements can be provided on the upper end faces anschnitt anlegen different attachments. Thus the device can quite easily be adapted anschnitt anlegen different workpieces, as well as the essays are problem-free exchanged in case of wear.

Aufkleber Klebefolie

It may be advantageous to commercial anschnitt anlegen, especially indexable inserts anschnitt anlegen access. Through the adjustment of the spring force of the driver, the power to the properties of the contact surfaces frictional contact, penetration, etc.

In addition, the height of the active clamping force for the driver elements can be influenced by a variable traction force. So at reduced clamping force could, instead of an active fixation of drive pins, they work only with a damping effect.

An advanced embodiment preferably with manual loading, without having to be used the use of an automation device to the workpiece loading. A manual loading caused a centric placement of the workpiece on the device to prevent tilting of the workpiece.

This is to prevent a possible drop of the workpiece during loading and a potential hazard to the machine operator. A loading machine with, for example, long waves is frequently suspended realized with a loading device, preferably a ring screw which is screwed into an upper central bore of the workpiece.

Such a device must then be removed but before the upper tip or the upper guide member can ascend to the top of the workpiece.

Nähmaschine, Umbau auf Phasenanschnittsteuerung -

In manual loading, the device must therefore have a suitable means for holding the workpiece. In automatic loading, the loading device prevents tilting of the workpiece. Further advantages and features of the invention will be explained in more detail below with reference to several drawings.

This workpiece 32 is machined with a machining tool anschnitt anlegen, in this case a grinding worm in its toothing. For this purpose, the tool anschnitt anlegen is moved in one or more cycles parallel to the axial direction of the workpiece 32 with different center distances, and generates or machined the splines.

The workpiece not shown for processing with a charging system or manually loaded onto the device 10 and by lowering the upper tip 33 of the workpiece 32 is clamped between this tip and the lower tip 23 of the device.

In another anschnitt anlegen assembly, the entire apparatus 10 could be for example also be arranged horizontally. First, the workpiece 32 between the tips 23, 33 is centered before the driving elements are actively applied 25 in the further process.

The device 10 is mounted on a machine table 30, which transmits the rotary motion to the device 10 and thus to the workpiece 32nd Im Schnitt ist der, in diesem Fall, dreiteilige Aufbau der Vorrichtung 10, bestehend aus dem Spannuntersatz 16, zur Montage anschnitt anlegen Vorrichtung 10 auf dem Maschinentisch, dem Aufsatz anschnitt anlegen und dem Vorrichtungsoberteil 21 mit der wechselbaren unteren Spitze 23 erkennbar.

In the section of the, seen in this case, three-piece construction of anschnitt anlegen apparatus 10, consisting of the clamping pedestal 16, for mounting the device 10 on the machine table, the cap 19 and the device top part 21 with the removable bottom tip 23rd Im Spannuntersatz 16 sind Aufnahmebohrung vorgesehen welche die Federn 15, 27 aufnehmen.

The pressing force of different strength springs 15, 27 is via adjusting elements 13, here screws, beinflussbar.

If anschnitt anlegen springs 15 used 27, this could also be varying degrees biased sure to provide a correct chip flow. In turn, the springs 15, 27 act on the pushers 17, 26 either on the driver element anschnitt anlegen, or on one of the arms 20 on the tie bolts

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