Now, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is looking at Reaction Engines Ltd's Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE) as a. Air-breathing rocket-powered spacecraft could be the common man's ride into space. In an effort to lighten the load of spacecraft at launch, NASA engineers have designed a new rocket engine that eliminates the need for onboard oxidizer. Instead, this new air-breathing rocket engine. UK-based aerospace company Reaction Engines has secured a £m (US$38m) investment to fund the further development of its synergetic.


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Instead, this new air-breathing rocket engine will extract oxygen from the air to burn fuel as it speeds to orbit.

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Rocket Image Gallery The idea of an engine that draws in air to provide thrust isn't new. This can be seen if the specific impulse and exhaust air breathing rocket equation is seen: However, if a ducted fan is used, the bypass ratio is higher than one.


We plan to demonstrate each of these independently over the next four years, beginning with a high temperature test air breathing rocket the Pre-Cooler. However, simply cooling the air needs more liquid hydrogen than can be burnt in the engine core.

The Air Force Eyes Air-Breathing Rocket-Plane Mothership - The Drive

The excess air breathing rocket expelled through a series of burners called "spill duct ramjet burners", [3] [42] that are arranged in a ring around the central core.

These are fed air that bypasses the precooler.

This bypass ramjet system is designed to reduce the negative effects of drag resulting air breathing rocket air that passes into the intakes but is not fed into the main rocket engine, rather than generating thrust. At low air breathing rocket the ratio of the volume of air entering the intake to the volume that the compressor can feed to the combustion chamber is at its highest, requiring the bypassed air to be accelerated to maintain efficiency at these low speeds.

This distinguishes the system from a turboramjet where a turbine-cycle's exhaust is used to increase air-flow for the ramjet to become efficient enough to take over the role of primary propulsion.

Overall performance is much better than air breathing rocket RB engine or scramjets. The combination of high fuel efficiency and low-mass engines permits an SSTO approach, with air-breathing to Mach 5. The angle of the nozzles not only pushes the engine, as in a conventional rocket, but also starts the combustion chamber spinning.

The resulting centrifugal force pumps fuel and oxidizer into the chamber at a higher pressure, serving the same function as the turbopump air breathing rocket a conventional design.

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