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She goes to sleep angry at me. I confess my feelings for her over a facetime to my best friend.


I cry when she leaves. I really do miss her.

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What scares me the most is the possibility that someone who once fell in love with me could just as easily fall out of love. That my quirks could become character a book ill never write, what was once adorable chatter is now bothersome noise, the spontaneity he once loved would then be considered as reckless and irresponsible behavior.

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It terrifies me that I could become ugly to someone who once thought the stars shone in my eyes. She is chaotic and messy and confusion personified. The way she dresses is art in itself. Everything about her is art.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Even if that sometimes means a book ill never write militantly naughty, and disciplined in the arts of subversion. There were good things, too—times when the light broke in, when we could turn mounds of dirt into palaces in our mind; but these moments were brief and forbidden seeming, little stinging jolts of pleasure among all this fixed, malevolent sternness, pleasure that was warped in my mind because it would inevitably lead to pain.

The rain would intrigue me, how suddenly it appeared, wet and warm, another surface altogether, another dimension, something that might even cancel dread.

It was a hint of another force, something beyond the limits of a world being made up around you by the church, and my grandmother and her petty, brutal husband. My parents left us behind because they believed it was for the best.

It was all we knew, as if it was ordinary, how children everywhere are treated. We had little else to go on. Over time you realize a book ill never write bad it was, and the problem with that is you feel anger years after the event, when there is nothing you can do about it.

Excerpts from a book i'll never write

It can still control you. He was actually very calm, almost frighteningly calm, as if he could quite easily swallow whole his entire family.

If you saw Mas P, there was something in his eyes that revealed how angry he could get. You a book ill never write see the spite, the intensity. You can really feel that fire had descended to the earth.

A Book I'll Never Write : Devon Eaton :

Those who demand that you conform the most to how they live are the ones who are the most scared and intimidated by life. You can look in their eyes and tell if they are a serial killer! They seemed very peaceful, but they turned out to be pretty dark.

If you looked into the eyes of Mas A book ill never write in a photo he looks insane. You can see how he wanted power.

Or how he wanted to hurt people. He was cruel simply because he was cruel, for no reason.

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