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244 PMK 03 2008 PDF DOWNLOAD

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244 PMK 03 2008 PDF DOWNLOAD

Internet-Draft Consultant Intended status: Informational December 14, Expires: Note that other groups may also distribute working documents 244 pmk 03 2008 Internet- Drafts.

Internet-Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of six months and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any time. It is inappropriate to use Internet-Drafts as reference material or to 244 pmk 03 2008 them other than as "work in progress.

The list of Internet-Draft Shadow Directories can be accessed at http: This Internet-Draft will expire on June 16, To prevent confusion, this material was removed before publication.

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Table of Contents 1. Grandfathered and Redundant Tags. The initial contents of the Registry and rules for determining them were specified in [ RFC ].

This memo describes the process of updating the Registry to include these additional subtags, and to make secondary changes to the Registry that result from adding the new subtags. This content was deleted from this memo prior to publication as an RFC.

The format of the Language Subtag Registry, and the definition and intended purpose of each of the fields, are described in [ draft-ietf-ltrubis ].

The Registry is expected to change over time, as new 244 pmk 03 2008 are registered 244 pmk 03 2008 existing subtags are modified or deprecated.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The process of updating the Registry is described in Section 3 of [ draft-ietf-ltrubis ]. In its Internet-Draft phase, this memo did not define the permanent contents of the Registry and should not be represented 244 pmk 03 2008 having done so.

  • EUR-Lex - SC - EN - EUR-Lex
  • Tax Window: Extended list of withholding tax on Services
  • Draft-ietf-ltrubis - Update to the Language Subtag Registry
  • Laws & Regulations

The Registry is not a mirror of the code lists defined by these standards and should not be used as one. Updating the Registry This section describes the 244 pmk 03 2008 for determining the updated contents of the Language Subtag Registry.

This version was created according to the process described in [ RFC ] and maintained according to the process described in [ RFC ].

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The source data for [ ISO ] used for this update consisted of three files, available 244 pmk 03 2008 the official site of the ISO Registration Authority. For example, 244 pmk 03 2008 entry for the Dari language contained the code element "prs" and the name "Dari" among other information. A code element may have more than one entry in this file; the reference name and its inverted form are usually, but not always, given in the first entry.

For example, this file contained an entry for the code element "prs" with the name "Dari" twice and another entry with the names "Eastern Farsi" and "Farsi, Eastern".

: One-stop Indonesian Tax & Customs Information

For example, a line containing the code elements "fas" and "prs" indicated that the macrolanguage 244 pmk 03 2008 encompasses the individual language "Dari".

Note that these alpha-3 code elements may not have corresponded directly to subtags in the Registry, which uses 2-letter subtags derived from [ ISO ] when possible.

244 PMK 03 2008 PDF DOWNLOAD

The values of the File-Date field, the Added date for each new subtag record, and the Deprecated date for each existing grandfathered or redundant tag deprecated by this update are set to a date as near as practical to the date of IESG approval of this memo. New Language Subtags For each language in [ ISO 244 pmk 03 2008 that was not already represented by a language 244 pmk 03 2008 in the Language Subtag Registry, a new subtag was added to the Registry, using the [ ISO ] code element as the value for the Subtag field and each of the non-inverted [ ISO ] names as a separate Description field.

The [ ISO ] reference name was represented by the first Description field.

244 PMK 03 2008 PDF DOWNLOAD

All subtags were added to the Registry maintaining alphabetical order within each type of subtag: 244 pmk 03 2008 existing 244 pmk 03 2008 were moved to ensure this order.

Any existing Description fields reflecting inverted names were removed. The order of Description fields was adjusted to ensure that the reference name from [ ISO ] was listed first, followed by other names from [ ISO ] in the order presented by that standard, followed by any other names already existing in the Registry.

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